• Mirka Abranet Max Sanding Belt 100mm x 610mm

Mirka Abranet Max Sanding Belt 100mm x 610mm

  • Weight: 0.25kg
  • £2.99

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100mm x 610mm Abranet Max Sanding Belt.

Available in P80 - P120 & P180

Saves time - less downtime in changing belts.

Saves money - net sanding products virtually eliminate clogging and therefore last longer than traditional paper products.

Practical - universal product for a wide variety of materials

Easy to use - the belt has no arrows for direction on the backside, which means it can be run both directions.

Perfect finish - the unique net construction characteristics create a finer scratch pattern resulting in a better surface finish.

Cool Cut - the net surface offers a cool cut which minimises the risk of overheating the sanded surface or burning the belt.