Grinding Discs

The grinding disc is precision- and durably built, helping to become a cornerstone solution in material removal across many sectors, including metalworking, construction, and automotive repair. These are highly firm cutting, grinding, and finishing operation discs that are developed to give the best removal-to-finish quality rate. The grinding discs are designed in such a way that the easiest cut of even the hardest material takes place while providing the least loss of material and the best surface finish with high-quality abrasive material. They were versatile to do an enormous variety of applications from heavy grinding to fine finishing tasks, and indispensable pieces of equipment in professional and personal projects. The grinding discs enable one to not only improve the efficiency in the flow of operations but also lower the effort applied to getting the desired results, hence making complicated duties possible and more time-saving.

Buy Grinding Discs

Getting the accurate grinding disc is a very crucial condition for your projects. We offer you a broad range of grinding discs for all types of applications, with high performance and safety for professional users. All our products are designed with efficiency, durability, and performance, which is incomparable with any of our competitors, as our offered discs contain all the latest breakthroughs in abrasive technology.
Investing in our grinding discs means equipping yourself with tools that enhance the quality of your work. We have chosen every disk of the set with high standards of cutting and grinding capability to have confidence in every project, knowing that preparation has been done in the best possible way. It helps you to better understand which grinding disc is perfect for you, as it gives easy access to detailed specifications and descriptions of all products. If the content on our website is not enough, to make the right decision on how to make the most out of your project, our professionals will always provide personalized advice. Check out our selection today, and you’re going to see grinding discs that are going to change the way you look at material removal and surface preparation, giving you the ability to rise to a new standard of excellence.


115mm (4.5 inch) Norton BLAZE Clean and Strip Discs

from £10.22 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £12.26



FinAid 115mm Ceramic with Topcoat Fibre Discs

from £51.75 £37.05 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £44.46



SIA 4819 115mm Zirconia Fibre Discs

from £34.11 £29.88 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £35.86


Starcke 084W Ceramic+ with Topcoat Fibre Discs

from £46.86 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £56.23


Starcke 082W Ceramic+ Fibre Discs

from £43.07 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £51.68


Starcke 541W Aluminium Oxide Fibre Backed Discs

from £21.14 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £25.37