Sanding Discs

The sanding disks are one more basic part of the arsenal to obtain smooth and refined surfaces in a host of materials. They fit right onto the rotary sanders and have tough abrasives to handle tasks from the roughest sanding to the finest of detail finishing. Versatility: the products available are so varied, guaranteeing that there is a suitable product for the material or application in question, such as woodwork, metal fabrication, or automotive body repair. Key to their design is the ideal balance of abrasive quality and durability in the back material, making every disc deliver consistent, even wear that extends its life and sustains performance through service life. Grain technology improvements and binding have produced significant improvements towards disc efficiency at material removal from the surface and surface preparation, which ultimately saves labour time and improves the quality of the final result.

Buy Sanding Discs

Our curated selection of sanding discs stands ready for all levels of surface preparation and finishing needs. A range has been brought together, acknowledging the need for this disc to achieve that perfect finish, which can be relied upon for its quality, long life, and performance.
That is why investing in our sanding discs is investing in a tool that not only meets but exceeds the demands of your projects to ensure a flawless finish, every time. With all items in our wide selection, you are presented with detailed descriptions and specifications to make an informed choice that would best suit the specifications of your specific project. More so, our commitment goes to the level of committing to the enhancement of the quality and efficiency of your work. Our sanding discs offer the most up-to-date technology in abrasives for your projects to have met or exceeded the highest standards in smoothness and finishing.


Self-Adhesive Aluminium Oxide Sanding Discs

from £4.95 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £5.94



Starcke 150mm Gold Line Aluminium Oxide Sanding Discs

from £10.90 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £13.08


Starcke 150mm Film Line Aluminium Oxide Sanding Discs

from £21.30 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £25.56


Starcke 344FK 150mm Zirconia No-Hole Sanding Discs

from £26.57 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £31.88