Non-Woven Products

Non-woven abrasives are an embodiment of versatility and gentleness in the world of surface preparation and finishing. They are a web of synthetic fibres bonded with abrasive grains that offer an alternative for jobs from cleaning to finishing. Non-woven abrasives are characterized by an open web structure ensuring uniform and regular treatment of the surface to reduce the risk of geometric changes of the workpiece, such as the addition of surface defects. Non-woven products are, therefore, the ideal choice for those applications which require a soft touch—be it deburring, blending, or finishing of metal, plastic, or composite material, which would call for a blemish-free finish. Their flexibility is perfect for getting into tight places and for making the tool adapt to irregular shapes to provide a finish over the whole complex surface. The uniformity in quality, durability, and conformability makes non-woven products the most preferred choice for achieving fine finishes in the abrasive industry for the automotive, aerospace, and metal fabrication sectors.

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We are having a very wide range of these non-woven abrasive products, selected by us to cover every aspect of finishing needs right from the most aggressive material removal to the finest finishing. With offered solutions in grades, materials, and formats, we boost your surface preparation and finishing processes for enhanced efficiency and quality.
Investing in our non-woven products means equipping yourself with tools designed for optimal performance and longevity. The detailed information on this platform will help you choose the perfect non-woven abrasive for a definite application and set to raise your work standard. This assures that quality is put in place and, by that, customer satisfaction is observed. We keep in stock a great variety of non-woven abrasives for modern manufacturing and finishing operations, able to meet the highest requirements.




115mmx10mtr Non-Woven Abrasive Roll/Scuffing Roll

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