Carbide burrs

Carbide burrs are the inalienable attribute of any master’s kit, providing long service and universality for machining any material. Carbide burrs are made of the highest quality tungsten carbide with a cutting edge that stays extra sharp even for the most hard materials. The variety of shapes and edge finishes available guarantees there’s a burr for every job—be it detailed aerospace components, bespoke jewellery, or customized automotive parts. In addition to the precision and clean cuts they afford, carbide burrs have come to be favoured by professionals seeking to achieve perfect finishes in that they heighten productivity.

Buy Carbide Burrs

Our online collection of premium carbide burrs is for professionals or amateurs. Quality carbide burrs mean a quality investment in any project, bringing longevity to your toolkit and excellence to your work. The range will withstand any most rigorous tasks for top performance. Buying from us means not only getting a superior tool but also gaining a craftsmanship partnership. Every product is tested under the strictest conditions to make it not only meet but exceed the high standards of quality and performance that customers expect. Choose from an array of selections, according to their gradations and your preference. We provide detailed information about the product and expert advice for simple selection. Embrace precision and durability in your work with premium carbide burrs for tools that leave expectations far behind.



Non-ferrous Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs - 6mm Shank

from £15.78 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £18.94


Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs - 6mm Shank

from £7.68 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £9.22


Double Cut Mini Tungsten Carbide Burrs - 3mm Shank

from £5.19 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £6.23