Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs – 6mm Shank

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Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs – 6mm Shank

Name: Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs – 6mm Shank
Cut Type: Double Cut
Shank: 6mm
Finish: Uncoated
Application: Brass, Bronze, Copper, Cast Iron, Steel < 60 HRC, Carbon Steel, Nickel Chrome Steel, Stainless Steel, Weldments Steel, Titanium

Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs – 6mm Shank – Type/Shape

Type A – Cylinder
Type B – Cylinder with End Cut
Type C – Ball Nose Cylinder
Type D – Ball
Type E – Oval
Type F – Ball Nose Tree
Type G – Tree
Type H – Flame
Type J – Cone 60°
Type K – Cone 90°
Type L – Ball Nose Cone
Type M – Cone

Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs – 6mm Shank – Product Description:

Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burrs – 6mm Shank with the innovative design G3 burr range is developed for unique and versatile use on key materials such as steel and cast steel, stainless steel (INOX), non-ferrous metals and cast iron. The G3 cut offers all the benefits of the G2, but its stock removal rate is up to 30 % higher for steel. It enables comfortable working with reduced vibration and less noise. The G3 cut also helps users save considerable time when working, making it an economically efficient option.

  • Significantly better stock removal rate than burrs with a conventional crosscut.
  • Saves time and money thanks to its very high stock removal rate on key materials.
  • Comfortable working thanks to reduced vibration and less noise.
  • The highly accurate concentricity enables impact-free working without creating chatter marks. This considerably reduces wear on the tool and tool drive.
  • To prevent vibrations, place the tools on powerful drives with an elastically supported spindle wherever possible.
  • Observe the recommended rotational speeds.


Other sizes and materials are available upon request or in our online shop.

If you are not sure about which consumable you require, please send us your application description or currently used consumable info, material reference (if known), and grit/grade, and we will get back to you with our equivalent material and our best price.

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