Sanding Belts

This is to say that sanding belts form a base for the shaping of materials and surface finishing, offering power with precision in working with wood, metal, and processing composite materials. Constructed of rugged abrasives, including aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, and ceramic, this belt resists even the toughest conditions of high-speed sanding machinery to provide a smooth, even finish. They are designed in such a way that they dissipate heat very well, which gives the workpiece a low chance of scorching or getting warped. This, therefore, means that they have all sizes of grits, from the coarse to the finest, thus being usable on all kinds of work, right from heavy stock removal up to fine finishing. This makes them invaluable in situations that call for not only quality but unbeatable efficiency, for instance, in industrial production lines and custom workshops. Quick putting on of another one when a belt gets used means minimum downtime and will give enhanced productivity along with keeping workflow constant. Sanding belts are a necessity for professional finishing and hence are a choice for most artisans and manufacturers.

Buy Sanding Belts

Our variety of sanding belts is selected by hand to ensure it can fully live up to all the demands of your projects and supply the correct tool to attain that unbeatable finish.

Our line represents quality and durability in your equipment and the work that follows. Each belt in our selection is made to last a long time, to produce excellent abrasion, and to be compatible with several sanding machines. When you purchase your sanding belts from us, it includes the full gamut of materials and grit sizes designed in line with each step of your project. Full product descriptions and specifications make it easy for you to find the sanding belt you need.


150x2000mm Starcke 100% Zirconia Sanding Belts

from £116.35 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £139.62


100x2000mm Starcke 100% Zirconia Sanding Belts

from £100.62 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £120.74



Sharpening System Belts - 50 x 780mm

from £3.04 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £3.65


75x2000mm Starcke 100% Zirconia Sanding Belts

from £58.00 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £69.60