Flap Wheels

Flap wheels are an important tool used in the field of surfacing and shaping, blending with flexibility and efficiency for fine abrasive work. These are best suited for smoothing, finishing, grinding, and polishing work surfaces. They are manufactured in the form of a set of abrasive flaps of cloth attached to a central hub, which allows them to follow the contours of a workpiece. Thus, these are most applicable to complicated or contoured surfaces that require uniform finishing. Flap wheels offer a uniform surface finish so that there is no need for rework in the finished product. Suitable to use over several materials from metals, wood, and even plastics, these become the most versatile tools any craftsman could own. Whether in a workshop setup at a professional or hobbyist level, flap wheels are invaluable assets for their high durability and the ability to give a good finish effortlessly, since they make the finishing process easier and work quality more presentable.

Buy Flap Wheels

Very important is the right flap wheel selection to be able to achieve the desired surface finishes and material removal rates. Our website has it all on offer—a whole range of flap wheels designed to take care of applications from industry standards to your very own small projects. Every item of flap wheel within our collection has been manufactured according to the highest quality standards. When you invest in the use of our flap wheels, you make sure that the toolset which you decide for your project capitalizes on the precision and efficiency offered.

Each product of these flap wheels comes with a detailed product description and product specifications, which will help you make an easy choice for the best wheel that will match your needs, whether you need to remove material aggressively or fine polish. We dedicate our efforts to delivering top-quality abrasive tools that will enhance productivity and work quality. With our team of professionals, one can have the right advice and insights, helping them lead to the right flap wheel that will serve them in their specific jobs. Our selection of hand-picked makes and models will help you find exactly the amount of abrasive power and quality of finishing you need. Take a look at our line of flap wheels and find the tool that may well change the way you undertake surface finishing, ensuring that every project emulates work that reaches the highest standards.


Aluminium Oxide Mini Flap Wheels on 3mm Spindle

from £8.88 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £10.66


Non-Woven Abrasive Flap Wheels on the Spindle

from £5.00 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £6.00


Interleaved Flap Wheels on the Spindle

from £5.45 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £6.54


Aluminium Oxide Flap Wheels on the Spindle

from £4.00 exc. VAT / inc. VAT £4.80